Y@C Corporate Yoga - FAQs

Workshops & Corporate Classes

We are really interested in participating in the Workshop series, what is the next step?

Glad to hear you're interested! Next step would be to:

  • contact Cindy Ja, our owner/president, who will work with you to determine your employees' exact needs, timing of workshops, making sure you have the minimum number of employees to participate as well as other details.

In the meantime and as you work with Cindy, please feel free to reference our Y@C Corporate Yoga website page.

We want our employees to take part in the Workshop series, but given time constraints, we may not be able to complete the 4 parts in one month. Is there still a way that we may participate?

Yes! You can certainly still partner with us. Although our workshops are structured to run 1 time a week for 4 weeks, we are happy to work with you to see what works best for your employees’ needs and any timing constraints.

Do employees need to have experience with yoga to take any of these workshops or classes?

No, we welcome everyone regardless of whether or not they have ever tried yoga. Prior to our workshops, we will send the employees a short survey they may fill out which will get sent to the instructor(s) who will lead the session. This is a great way for the instructor(s) to learn a little bit about the employees beforehand and better tailor the class to who will be in attendance. The brief survey will ask general questions as well as leave room for participants to list whether they have any injuries or areas in the body that are causing them trouble.

Additionally, before a class begins, the teacher will make sure to speak briefly with those in class to familiarize him/herself with the students and any body issues that may arise during practice. Students are more than welcome to make this known to the teacher so that the teacher may ensure everyone is practicing safely.

How should we work with you to pre-pay for the weekly classes?

Once we determine the schedule for your weekly classes and the contract is signed; payment will be expected up front for the first 6-weeks of class. Pre-payment is for the mandatory minimum number of employees to hold a class (on average: 5 employees); any payment over 5 will be paid on the week class is held.

Our employees completed the workshop series and we're ready to have Y@C host weekly classes at our workplace, what's next?

We are excited to partner further with you, for weekly classes

Corporate Class Pricing Options

I’m already a member at Y@C’s and my company is looking to partner with you, am I eligible for the corporate discounts?

Yes, you are eligible for the discounts once the requirements are met for each option (75 Class Card, 125 Class Card or Monthly-Auto Pay). If you are currently on a monthly auto-pay membership then we will make adjustments to your rate once the requirements are met for this option (at least 10 employees signed up).

I'm taking my first class at Y@C's, where can I find more information about what to expect when I arrive at the studio?

To find out more information about classes, our locations, instructors and studio details please visit our studio FAQs.